About Us


Inaya & Gabriella Turley are sisters that have been growing up with big hearts in such little bodies. They have always loved animals no matter what kind of animal it may be. Inaya cries when she sees a hurt animal and Gabriella says she will become a Veterinarian when she grows up; to help all types of animals. 

Inaya & Gabriella couldn't wait to help animals in need and decided they wanted to start NOW! Little Paws is a non-profit that helps animals with shelter, meals and practice proper hygiene until they are able to find a forever home. Please, help us achieve this great deed. 

Dog of the week

Meet our little Rottweiler Luna she found a home and has been a great blessing to the family. She was quite difficult in the beginning and with love and care she has been able to become the pet we all knew she could be. Often people overlook dogs because of their appearance.

Cat of the week


Meet Tiger the Cat. He found a home and that's all he needed to be the best he could be. He quickly became attached to his new family.


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